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Our report on 2.6 GHz technical licence conditions published by Ofcom

Ofcom just published our report which highlights studies relevant to technical licence conditions for the 2.6 GHz band. This accompanies Ofcom’s own consultation document highlighting their proposed licence conditions for both 2.6GHz and 800 MHz.

The specific areas examined are:

  • The need to protect FDD base station receivers from interference from TDD systems operating in the restricted block of unpaired spectrum
  • The optimum frequency placement for low-power FDD  access points (including femtocells, microcells and picocells)
  • Potential coordination rules to limit uplink and downlink interference to standard power networks from low power access points which share spectrum in the ‘hybrid’ approach which we examined in a previous report.
  • Issues which could constrain the number of  licences for shared low power access.

The full report is available here, together with the Ofcom consultation document. The closing date for consultation responses is 28th July 2011.