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Radiowave Propagation course featuring Real Wireless

The IET Radiowave Propagation training course will take place 11-14 October at the Møller Centre, Cambridge, UK. Simon Saunders of Real Wireless will be lecturing on mobile propagation issues for macro, micro, pico and femto cells (phew!). For further details:

Radio masts with communication dishes and antennae

Wall Street Journal Quotes Real Wireless on Apple iPhone 4 antenna/signal bars issue

Much has been written about the iPhone ‘antenna’ issue, which turns out to be at least as much to do with the way the way the phone reports signal strength via bars as due to the way they hold their phones. Real Wireless helped set the Wall Street Journal straight on the numbers  involved and were quoted online and in the print version (remember print?).

Modern Spectrum Management – Training Course

Simon Saunders of Real Wireless has joined the team delivering the acclaimed training course “Understanding Modern Spectrum Management”, which will next run in Oxford, UK from 20 – 24 September.

Spectrum management requires knowledge of an unusually wide range of disciplines: engineering, economics, law, policy and regulation. It is also a field where accepted practices are changing rapidly. The course covers the full range of these disciplines and also includes a wide range of spectrum applications: mobile, broadcasting, public sector, whitespace and cognitive and much more besides.

Simon is explaining spectrum, technology and topology issues for next-generation mobile systems, notably for LTE.

The course is organised by PolicyTracker and Helios. Full details are available from the course website.