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In-building wireless certification programme in full swing

During last year we worked closely with iBwave Solutions to develop an in-building certification programme, which we announced last June.

We developed modules on topics including antennas for in-building systems, the fundamentals of propagation modelling and the combination of measurements and models for efficient in-building system design. The topics were illustrated via practical examples from real buildings, modelled using iBwave’s iBwave Design suite of tools.

Now we don’t usually endorse specific tools, but in this case there really is nothing else on the market which comes close to providing the same breadth of capability for practical modelling and design of a very wide range of  in-building wireless systems. We have stretched the tools to their limits in some challenging projects involving LTE, femtocells, and UMTS operated in both indoor and outdoor environments, and the nice folks at iBwave have always provided a high level of support and in several cases have enhanced the tools’ capabilities to meet our needs.  But one thing we have long felt lacking in the industry was some form of qualification for engineers who need to develop and demonstrate the appropriate level of capability to take on challenging in-building designs.

So it’s great to see that the programme we helped to develop is now being run world wide and is helping to professionalise an important sector of the industry, helping enhance the capacity and quality of mobile networks in some of the most challenging and important environments.

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