Ofcom Spectrum Advisory Board Gains New Members

I previously gave details of this Board  – better known as OSAB – when I was appointed to it (see here). OSAB has proven to be extremely interesting.  As well as the many stimulating discussions around challenges posed to us by the Ofcom board, one of the best things has been the chance to meet the diverse members of OSAB, including technical folks, economists and sociologists.

So it’s great to have some new members to work with, announced today. These are as follows:

  •  Linda Doyle – Linda Doyle is an Associate Professor in Trinity College, University of Dublin in the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering.
  • Philip Marnick – Philip is currently Chief Technology Officer of SpinVox, a speech technology company
  • Brigadier David Meyer – David Meyer is currently the Deputy Chief Information Officer in the Ministry of Defence in London
  • Gavin Young  – Gavin’s current role is as Chief Architect for Access within Cable & Wireless (C&W)

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Gavin a little in his role of Technical Chair of the Broadband Forum and I’m looking forward to meeting the other new members.

For more information, see the OSAB website and particularly the last annual report which gives some sense of the range of topics we have discussed recently.



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