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Distinguished International Spectrum Manager Joins Real Wireless Team

Mike Goddard, OBEReal Wireless is proud to announce the appointment of Mike Goddard OBE to our associates team, as International Spectrum Policy Advisor. Mike has a very distinguished career working in the field of national and international spectrum management, most recently as Director of Spectrum and International Policy for Ofcom, the UK communications regulator.

We asked Mike about his experiences in this fast-changing field over the last 4 decades.

Q: How did you start in spectrum regulation?

 Mike: Following a student apprenticeship with what was then the General Post Office, my interest in radio communication led me into my first job in frequency planning for broadcasting, at a time when there was no commercial radio in the UK, and we still had 405-line black and white TV at VHF. I later moved into fixed link planning and then into more general frequency policy and international work. My first international experience came within 2 years of leaving university.   

 Q: What do you consider your proudest achievement?

 Mike: As the first Chairman of the CEPT’s European Radiocommunications Committee, I was responsible for introducing widespread changes in the organisation, expanding membership, widening contact with industry, and setting up the European Radiocommunications Office (ERO) in Copenhagen. I am proud of the latter in particular as the ERO opened, fully funded and staffed, in less than 12 months from the initial committee decisions. But since then I have taken a lot of pride in leading many UK delegations to ITU World Radio Conferences and the Regional Conference in 2006 in which we achieved 100% of our objectives and established a sound basis for digital switchover in the UK, Europe and Africa.

Q: You’ve worked for several government agencies dealing with spectrum over the years, and seen significant shifts in the approach to spectrum regulation around the world. What are the major changes?

Mike: There have been many. Apart from the increasing complexity resulting from new technologies and applications, and from competition in many sectors, there has been a general move towards openness and dialogue with industry. There has also been a greater convergence of spectrum, telecommunications and broadcasting policies. Perhaps the biggest single change is the recognition of the economic and strategic value of spectrum; it is no longer considered just a specialised technical subject but an essential and major contributor to national economies, public services and a wide range of industries. This has led to increased emphasis on allowing flexible use of the spectrum and allowing the market to make important decisions at least in some sectors. Of course the extent of these changes, and the pace of change, varies considerably from country to country and this in itself poses major challenges for international agreement.

Q: What will you miss most about working for Ofcom?

 Mike: The people (an enthusiastic, highly skilled and experienced bunch of people), the dynamics and the rich variety of subjects, not only in spectrum management.

 Q: How was your trip to Buckingham Palace to collect your OBE last year?

 Mike: In a word “great!”. Apart from the immense pride in being honoured and collecting the award with my wife and grown-up children, I had a brief but very pleasant conversation with Prince Charles about digital switchover and retirement!

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